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Dallas Cowboys pre-training camp position breakdown series, looking at the cornerbacks

Photo by Sam Hodde/Getty Images

The Cowboys have two of the NFL’s interception leaders at the top of the cornerback group.

When the Dallas Cowboys signed Brandon Carr and traded up to draft Morris Claiborne, many of us legitimately thought they had assembled the greatest cornerback duo in the history of the world. Snark aside, that did not wind up being the case.

Both Carr and Claiborne had okay careers with a star on their helmet in their own particular ways, but for the most part that era was viewed as a failure (the Carr deal has also rippled into present day with the team’s reluctance to spend big in free agency).

All told Carr played in 83 games for the Cowboys and recorded seven interceptions for the team. Claiborne’s numbers are 47 and four which means the two had 11 total interceptions for the team they were supposed to take over the secondary of.

Interceptions aren’t everything, but what if I told you that there are two players on the Cowboys roster who have each had more than 11 interceptions over the last three years?


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