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Cowboys news: Dak Prescott on boot photo, contract talks & age

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Dak Prescott on boot photo, contract talks & more - Nick Harris,

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback had a lot to say at his Youth Football Camp.

It’s not his first youth camp, as it’s become a ritual of his in early July to spend time with the youth and teach them some football along the way. Even for him, it’s an opportunity to be young again despite the busy life his football career has put in front of him.

“I don’t think my approach has really changed,” Prescott said. “I like to be present wherever I am. When I’m out there, I turn into a kid again. When I go to the eight-year-olds, I’m eight. When I go to the 13, I’m 13…I want to make sure they leave this camp excited and be fulfilled in their purpose that they came for.”

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