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Despite the Cowboys 28-16 loss to Cardinals, there were a few players who had good games

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The players that played admirably despite the loss to Arizona

The Dallas Cowboys entered this weekend as a heavy favorite over the Arizona Cardinals. Unfortunately, the Cowboys have battled a war of attrition regarding the team’s health and have suffered numerous injuries in the last week. The Cowboys unexpectedly were without three of their starting offensive linemen. Predictably, the offense endured a few setbacks. What wasn’t expected was how porous their defense was.

Yet, all was not entirely lost, and some players did their part to try to deliver this team a win from their untimely defeat. Though it was scarce and not much to go around, let’s give credit where it was due. Here are the stars of the Cowboys 28-16 loss to the Cardinals.

Michael Gallup

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