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Grading the Cowboys season ending loss over the 49ers

Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Time to hand out the grades on this week’s Cowboys report card after the divisional round loss to end the year.

After demolishing the Buccaneers to win their first playoff road game in nearly 30 years, the end of that game started a brief euphoria for so many that follow the team on a regular basis. Due to the performance the franchise had in the Wild Card game, it seemed like if the team plays like that again then the 49ers were going down as well. Unfortunately, this was not the case and the once euphoric feeling turned into, yet again, another disappointing end to another Dallas Cowboys season by a score of 19-12. That seven-point, one-score difference in the game was simply just a let down. With the game being as highly contested as it was, there were some positives which kept the game close, but the negatives came at a higher clip which is why the game and season ended the way that it did for America’s Team.

Time to deliver this week’s grades for the Dallas Cowboys.

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