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2022 Cowboys rookie report: How each rookie fared over the year

Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The future is definitely bright for this crop of Cowboys 2022 draft picks.

The Dallas Cowboys’ season unfortunately came to a bitter end in the playoffs, which means it’s time to look forward and say what 31 teams say every season: better luck next year. The Cowboys have several things going for them right now, not the least of which is their crop of talented players who just completed their rookie seasons. Let’s see how each of them did.

OL Tyler Smith

Maybe now we’ll learn to stop criticizing the Cowboys’ first-round draft picks. Just a year after Micah Parsons made everyone (including yours truly) look foolish for hating on his selection, Tyler Smith endured similar criticism and subsequently shut everyone up.

Smith spent almost the entire offseason learning to play left guard, and then moved back to left tackle - his position in college - the day before the season opener. While Smith did eventually rotate back in at guard later in the season, he spent the majority of the year at left tackle. And Smith massively outperformed his expectations, too.

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