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Question of the week: How much is Dak Prescott to blame for loss to 49ers?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

After Sunday’s playoff loss, the question of went wrong is on the minds of Cowboys fans.

We sit here, one possession shy of an NFC championship appearance, a feeling that is all too familiar to Cowboys fans. They lost to the 49ers 19-12, which marks their lowest scoring figure for a playoff game since the 2009 Divisional Round. Add to that, 19 points is the fewest points the Cowboys have given up in the Divisional Round since 1995, which started their most recent Super Bowl run.

After the game, there was blame placed everywhere by a lot of people. Some people blamed Mike McCarthy for a few questionable second half calls. Some didn’t like Kellen Moore’s play-calling. Others placed blame on the Cowboys having more than double the 49ers penalty figure. However, everyone placed at least some degree of fault on the quarterback, Dak Prescott.

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