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‘One, Two, Go!’ - How opposing QBs may try to avoid getting sacked by Cowboys

Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

A look at how fast opposing QBs are getting the ball out and what that could mean for the Cowboys defense.

No matter how good your pass rush is, if the opposing QB can get the ball out in less than two seconds, you’re probably not going to sack him. Unless the offensive line completely forgets to block Micah Parsons - which happens!

So it stands to reason that if you want to avoid getting sacked, get the ball out quick; “one, two, go!”

But not all QBs can do that, not all plays allow for that, and not all schemes are designed for that.

It’s still early in the 2022 season, but two games have already been played, and we now have the “Pocket Time” for those two games for all NFL QBs. Pocket time measures the average time the QB had in the pocket between the snap and throwing the ball or pressure collapsing the pocket, in seconds.

And that pocket time number, even if it may change as more games are played, suggests there could be three tiers of QBs in the NFL:

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