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Categorizing the 2022 opponents of the Cowboys by difficulty

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the schedule out, let’s look at what the Cowboys are facing.

No one knows what will happen with any team in 2022. The Rams could lose a couple of key contributors and be at the bottom of the league. The Jacksonville Jaguars could surprise everyone and win more than five games. Everything is possible at this point in the year.

This serves as a disclaimer. We cannot definitely determine the difficulty of the Cowboys' upcoming opponents. However, this isn't a shot in the dark. Between 2021 performance, offseason improvement or regression, and draft capital, we can make an educated guess about the type of teams that Dallas will play next season.

And in doing so, five distinct tiers arise.

Categorizing the Cowboys 2022 opponents by difficulty

To preface, each of the Dallas Cowboys 2022 opponents will be placed into five tiers:

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