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The Cowboys look the part of a real contender after the 40-3 trouncing of the Minnesota Vikings

The Cowboys looked legit on Sunday against the Vikings, restoring confidence for the rest of the season.

Week 11 was the best performance of the season for the Dallas Cowboys; a complete game. Knowing the Vikings were 8-1 coming into the game, and seeing how it all unfolded was quite the shocker. Minnesota, up until this past week, look every bit of a Super Bowl contender.

For the record, the Vikings are a very good football team, and it is not out of the question that these two teams will play again come playoff time. Every once in awhile, a really good football team deep in the season takes a loss that has folks second guessing them as a contender. Sure, the Vikings took a whooping but it is very premature to count them out, even with how awful they looked against America’s Team. The Vikings still have plenty of play-makers including Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook. They’ll be just fine.

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