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How the Panthers could cause the Cowboys to pursue a first-round trade back in the 2021 draft

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Things don’t always go as planned in the NFL draft.

We’ve seen that the Dallas Cowboys plan on defense is to bring in cheap players to fill positions of need in preparation for the draft. Par for the course for the Cowboys before the draft, but now after the Carolina Panthers decided to trade for Sam Darnold, a potential grenade has been thrown into the Cowboys draft plans. It has the possibility to create problems for the Cowboys and cause them to trade back, or take a player at a position of need, if no one wants to move up and their top players on their board are wiped out.

Last season the Cowboys were in this situation when the Atlanta Falcons were drafting ahead of them. Both teams had similar needs, now fast forward to this season and it’s the same situation all over again but this time it’s with the Panthers. The move to get Darnold made this worse for the Cowboys as many people assumed that the Panthers were going to target one of the quarterbacks in this draft, but now they have the ability to move to another position of need, cornerback.

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