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Cowboys 2021 draft: Most mockers know the Cowboys will take Patrick Surtain - except they really don’t

Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

An NFL pre-draft reminder that a lot of guesswork and speculation is being presented as fact.

It can be a challenge wading through all the mock drafts that come out during draft season. One problem they all have is that they start from a base of ignorance. As in, the authors really don’t know what the teams really think. Actually, most teams are just now getting around to putting their draft boards together, so any mock now is strictly the author trying to read the tea leaves of various indicators. In the case of using automated draft simulators, they are putting their faith in algorithms that may have little connection to NFL reality.

Mock drafts can be kind of fun. The only problem that goes with them is that we can get sucked into thinking they mean something.

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