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If the Cowboys want to add to strength instead of fixing weakness, then they have to consider Kyle Pitts

Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

Is this a real thing for the Cowboys at pick #10?

Is there such a thing as too much offense in the NFL? It’s an interesting question in a league that has become dominated by pass-happy offenses that have too many weapons for defenses to cover.

The recent Super Bowl ran counter to that idea, though, as a tough Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense shut down a top-flight aerial attack from the Kansas City Chiefs. But that game comes with an exception. The Chiefs offensive line was playing with backups in multiple positions and they had to shift guys around just to make it work. One has to wonder if the game would have been different if the Chiefs would have had their regular offensive line.

There is a school of thought in business and in personal growth that suggests that you should add to your strengths instead of trying to fix your weaknesses. Our own OCC covered this last year in the run up to the draft when it was suggested that the Cowboys take CeeDee Lamb if available.

Could the Cowboys be facing a similar situation in 2021?

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