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The Cowboys, best player available drafting, and the upcoming 2021 draft

Blame it on Redball? It was kinda his idea. | Paul Moseley/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Is BPA a valid idea or just a bad echo of the Jason Garrett era?

Even though it is still over two months away, the NFL Draft is on just about every fan’s mind. This is especially true for those who follow the Dallas Cowboys, which has for years relied far more on drafting than free agency to acquire new talent. And when the team does go on the clock they want to take the best player available.

Or so we have been told. This has been a big topic concerning the Cowboys since Jason Garrett first articulated the theory, as reported in this WFAA article from March of 2016.

When he first ascended to the Cowboys head coaching position, Jason Garrett shared his talent acquisition strategy: use free agency to fill all the team’s obvious holes - Garrett termed them “must haves” - so that the front office isn’t handcuffed in the draft. The plan is to avoid being forced to draft a player at a specific position of need.

According to Garrett:

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