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Cowboys cap complications: How the unexpected is muddying the Dak Prescott negotiations

Another issue to blame on the pandemic. | Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The NFL and NFLPA have to work out salary cap contingencies. Those could directly impact Dallas and their quarterback.

We are weary of the endless reports on the contract stalemate between the Dallas Cowboys and franchise quarterback Dak Prescott. Rest assured, this is not another breakdown of rumors about offers and demands, or one more opinion on what should be done by whom to get things moving. This is about unique issues that are facing the NFL and how they make a never-simple process even more difficult. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic threatens to seriously impact revenues. Revenues are what determine the salary cap, which directly affects contracts. Now, the league and the player’s union are trying to work out how to handle things. There are already reasons why neither side is in a hurry to work something out for Prescott. This is just one more - and it may be one of the biggest.

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