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Football Outsiders gives Cowboys’ 63% chance of making playoffs

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

And a 46% chance of winning the NFC East.

There was a time when discussing NFL playoff odds after one week of a sixteen week season would have been considered silly. And they were probably right; after all we’ve played less than 7% of the season. But looking at playoff odds so early isn’t meaningless.

Our own OCC has always used historical results to predict final outcomes based on current records. In fact, he posted about it already. The key takeaway:

If you’re one of the teams that stumbled out of the gate on opening weekend, your 0-1 record means next week’s game is already something of a must-win game: Start the season 0-2 and your odds of making the playoffs drop to just 11%; three consecutive losses to start the season and for all intents and purposes your season is over.

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