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Cowboys roster projection: Digesting the first preseason game

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s take what we learned from the loss to the 49ers and factor it in.

The Dallas Cowboys may have wound up on the short end of the score against the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday, but it was still very good to see the players actually line up and go full speed. Things were kept very plain, especially by Dallas, so we cannot judge anything about the anticipated Kellen Moore offense. What we can talk about is how individual players performed. Which leads us logically into an updated 53-man roster projection!

Here is my latest take on things. Below the table, explanations for one player over another and such. We’ll bypass the obvious locks or even mention what we clearly know, like the tight ends, but will focus on players who truly are having to fight for a spot. And as always, injuries can completely change the picture.

Some of the position labels are kind of arbitrary, mostly to keep the table down to four columns.

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