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Reports: Russell Wilson’s contract the target for Dak Prescott, speculation Cowboys leaked the $40 million number

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The latest Dak Prescott contract news.

One of the things that has made the subject of Dak Prescott’s contract negotiations so fascinating this offseason has been that his NFC East counterpart Carson Wentz was also eligible for an extension with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Wentz got his deal, he’s at $32M on an annual average value, which means that in all likelihood Prescott would like to beat it. It was always going to be that way for the second quarterback to get their contract done, that’s how business works with that position in the NFL.

When news of Philly locking down their quarterback that’s never played in the playoffs first broke there were tons (likely millions, I stopped counting) of tweets and comments noting that the Eagles were likely thrilled to have beaten the Cowboys to the punch with signing their signal-caller. This was very understandable as the race to get your quarterback signed is a never-ending one in football.

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