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ESPN rankings has Cowboys with sixth-best “offensive arsenal” heading into 2019

The Cowboys have the talent, now they have to make it work.

Over the past month, we’ve noted on several occasions that NFL observers are giving some love to the Cowboys roster. In one instance it was called a top five roster, in another it was tabbed as the second-best in the NFL. Lofty praise indeed. An ex-player/ESPN commentator said the Cowboys were definitely a threat for the Super Bowl, and the team landed seven players in the NFL top 100.

Today, the Cowboys received some more love when discussing offensive weapons. Bill Barnwell put together a ranking of “offensive arsenals” across the league. These arsenals include skill-positions on offense, but not the quarterback. Essentially, it’s wide receivers, running backs and tight ends.

There were also some rules he followed:

Considering how these players will perform in 2019. This looks at age and injury curves as applied only to 2019, and includes expected suspensions.

The arsenals are weighted more toward receivers. The average pay of elite receivers is twice that of elite running backs and tight ends. The NFL is a passing league.

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