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The USWNT has now won back to back World Cups in Cowboys offseasons that feel very similar

History always finds a way to repeat itself.

A few weeks ago we talked here at BTB about the insane similarities between the 2007-2009 Dallas Cowboys and their 2016-2018 counterparts. Three years of basically the same thing with so many coincidences among them.

It was then that the United States Women’s National Team was in the early parts of their quest to repeat as World Cup Champions over in France. On Wednesday, they were celebrated in New York City for having accomplished that. Two straight titles in anything is incredible, two straight times being the best in the world is something to me marveled at.

If you’re unaware, the World Cup is played every four years. This means that the last World Cup the USWNT played in (which they also won obviously) took place in the summer of 2015. Shockingly, not really, a lot of things then feel like a lot of things now with regards to the Cowboys.

The Cowboys were coming off of winning the NFC East and a Wildcard playoff game at AT&T Stadium

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