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Ranking NFL QBs by Total QBR tells us more about what the Cowboys should pay Dak Prescott

We take a look at the current crop of NFL QBs and wonder which QBs have more good games than others and which stink it up more than others.

Last week, we took a look at the number of games in which currently active NFL QBs recorded a passer rating of 100 or more and then looked at their 100+ rating games as a percentage of games started.

We saw that Dak Prescott looked a lot better than many expected, while other QBs looked worse than many expected, prompting questions about whether the stats had been cherry-picked to make Prescott look good, about whether passer rating was a valid stat at all, and about whether any stat showing Prescott in a positive light was automatically a fake stat.

So today, as promised in the original article, we’re going to look at an EPA-based metric to see how today’s NFL QBs hold up under an advanced stats microscope, both in terms of good-game and bad-game percentage.

To do that, we turn to ESPN’s Total QBR.

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