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Don’t forget Zeke: Kellen Moore isn’t just about fixing the passing game

We have high hopes for what the new OC will do with Dak, but that is only one part of the equation.

The Dallas Cowboys are taking quite a plunge with new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. He only has one year of experience as a coach, period. It is putting a lot of pressure on him and his head coach, Jason Garrett, who is in a contract year. Most of the focus on what we may or may not expect from Moore has been on the passing game and Dak Prescott. Even the excellent Bob Sturm, in his look at what went wrong in the red zone in 2018 at The Athletic, spent a lot more time talking about Dak Prescott and the passing game than the running attack.

But that ignores half of the job for Moore. He isn’t just being called on to get more out of his quarterback. He also has to make better use of arguably the best player on the team, Ezekiel Elliott. There has been some discussion of how Moore needs to get away from letting the defenses stack the box by being far less predictable with his personnel packages and formations, but it needs to be given some more consideration.

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