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The levels of safety for Jason Garrett to remain as head coach of the Cowboys

Just what will it take for Jason Garrett to keep his job?

The rumors persist. As much as Sean Payton tries to knock ‘em down, they have the resilience of a White Walker. Payton as the future head coach of the Dallas Cowboys remains a topic. The fact that Jason Garrett is coaching on the final year of his contract has only added fuel to the fire.

The contract terms of both coaches only add fuel to speculation. Garrett is going into the last year of his deal, while Payton’s runs through 2020. Buying out the last year of Payton’s contract wouldn’t appear to be a problem for a man who just spent $250 million on a boat so big, it needs an ocean to float it.

Chances are the Saints would demand further compensation as well. Draft picks. Maybe players, too.

The cost could be steep to acquire Payton, but Jerry Jones has an affinity for Super Bowl coaches. He’s had three, two of them (Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer) have won titles with the Cowboys, the other (Bill Parcells) came to the team with that skin already on the wall. If Payton came to Dallas, that would make four for Jerry.

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