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Why the Dallas Cowboys are better off after re-signing Tavon Austin, letting Cole Beasley walk

Defogging the Cowboys' intentions is rarely easy, except on a football field, of course. And don't even get me started on Earl Thomas.

But Tavon Austin instead of Cole Beasley? Let's look at the reasons besides money, the obvious place to start.

Beasley was Dak Prescott's best bud, an asset to his development early. But his value diminished with the acquisition of Amari Cooper and drafting of Michael Gallup. Cooper can do everything Beasley does, and he's bigger, faster and stronger. Gallup's development over the second half of his rookie season also made him a more viable target.

The Cowboys can try Allen Hurns at the slot, but my guess is Austin inherits that role. He probably won't provide any more production than Beasley for the reasons above, not to mention Jason Witten's return.

What a third receiving option must do is make a contribution elsewhere, and that's where Austin has the edge.

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