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Why the Cowboys had no problem letting Cole Beasley go in free agency

There are plenty of options available to the Cowboys at slot receiver.

Keeping Cole Beasley would have been nice, but it certainly wasn’t a priority. Beasley was a productive player and deserves our appreciation for what he did in Dallas. He’s the quintessential slot receiver and his sweet payday from Buffalo wasn’t out of line. So why didn’t Dallas pay him? A few reasons.

One, the Cowboys are cheap in free agency. That’s just how it is. Second, Beasley is getting up in years and the Cowboys are reluctant to give long-term deals to players no longer in their prime age range. But probably the biggest reason they didn’t match Buffalo’s terms and keep Beasley is they have options to replace him. Good options.

Obviously there is the draft. Guys like Deebo Samuels, Andy Isabella, and Parris Campbell are among the many receivers that should be available for the Cowboys if they want them. Generally receivers are one of the slower developing rookies in terms of production, so this might not be the ideal solution for 2018, but picking one up for the long-term is certainly a possibility.

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