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The market for Ezekiel Elliott is becoming clearer this free agency season

What will the Cowboys end up paying Ezekiel Elliott on a second contract?

There have been a lot of takes over the past few years as to the status of running backs and their position within today’s NFL.

Some people believe that running backs are a replaceable commodity. They’re easily found in the later rounds of the draft and deep money shouldn’t be spent on them. There’s logic and data to support that.

Things took a turn for the position four years ago when we saw two go in the first round in Todd Gurley to the Rams and Melvin Gordon to the Chargers. A year later Ezekiel Elliott ended up with the Cowboys (that’s us!), and in 2017 the Jacksonville Jaguars took Leonard Fournette. Last year we even saw three ball-carriers taken in the opening round with Saquon Barkley (Giants), Rashaad Penny (Seahawks), and Sony Michel (Patriots).

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