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Here are 3 reasons Le'Veon Bell's signing with the Jets is the best news the Cowboys will receive all offseason

Of all the stories that figured to bend toward the meaningless end of the scale for Dallas, Le'Veon Bell's search for a new team should have ranked No. 1. When you already have the NFL rushing champ, you don't care so much about Bell's future. Instead, his signing with the New York Jets on Wednesday is likely to be the most significant development -- and the best news -- the Cowboys will receive this entire offseason.

I will give you three reasons for it, and let's start with the smallest in stature: He signed with an AFC team. He didn't sign with Philadelphia.

There was never any real danger that Bell, still a great talent after sitting out the entire 2018 season rather than play for Pittsburgh, would sign with New York since the Giants already have Saquon Barkley. Washington just re-signed Adrian Peterson and has hopes for Derrius Guice to make a belated debut, so the Redskins were never in on Bell.

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