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Travis Frederick says he should be ready to play football in March or April

The quarterback of the Cowboys offensive line, Travis Frederick, looks ready to return.

We didn’t get to see all-world center Travis Frederick play during the 2018 season for the Dallas Cowboys, Travis was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome shortly before it all began.

There was so much concern and mystery surrounding Frederick, his football future was certainly in doubt but the wellness of his life was obviously top priority.

Thankfully we’ve heard a lot of positive things from Cowboys brass regarding Fredbeard’s road back to football and we’ve heard a lot from Frederick himself actually as he’s appeared on 105.3 The Fan more often than most. As we’re officially in the offseason, questions have begun to surface as to when exactly Travis can return and he provided a lot of clarity on that during an interview with WFAA’s Mike Leslie.

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