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Pay the man because he is the man: Why Dak Prescott is getting a big new deal from the Cowboys

Rare things cost more. And few things are more rare than a legitimate NFL starting quarterback.

In terms of NFL starting quarterbacks, Dak Prescott is the greatest bargain in the league. With salaries for the most crucial position in the game soaring, he is playing for the Dallas Cowboys on a fourth-round rookie deal that is the equivalent of pocket change. While there have been other late-round success stories like Tom Brady, and the Cowboys had UDFA Tony Romo become their starter, Prescott may be unique in that he has been the starter from the first game of his career despite being such a late pick. Having him puts his team in very good shape in a division where the other three teams have various issues with the position. He is unquestionably underpaid, and at some point, perhaps this offseason, that is going to change.

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