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Twitter Q&A: Why did the Cowboys defense collapse in the divisional round?

Cowboys Twitter wants to know why such a solid defense collapsed in the playoffs?

Now that the offseason is officially underway, we were feeling reflective on this past season. We decided to poll our Twitter audience to see exactly what was on the minds as we put this past year into the rear-view. BTB asked and you all delivered, let’s take a look at that frustrating ending vs. the Rams with a question posed by Jason Donnelly (@JCDJR2601 on Twitter)

What happened to our defense against the rams.

— Jason Donnelly (@JCDJR2601) February 7, 2019

Why did the Cowboys defense collapse vs. the Rams after such a promising season?

It starts upfront with the Rams offensive line, which ranked third in rushing this season with a pretty stellar group of road-graders paving the way. For a defensive line to work properly each guy has to handle their assignment, which just didn’t happen in Los Angeles. It wasn’t the first time we witnessed a collapse like that, the week 15 matchup with the Colts was very similar.

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