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Twitter Q&A: What caused the Cowboys ineptitude in the red zone?

The Cowboys were really good in the red zone until this season, what happened ?

Now that the offseason is officially underway, it brings a feeling of reflection of this past season. We decided to poll our Twitter audience to see exactly what was on the minds as we put this past year into the rear-view. BTB asked and you all delivered, Joe Gonillo (@jgonillo on Twitter) wants to pinpoint the problems in the red zone.

What actually caused our Red Zone problems?

— joe gonillo (@jgonillo) February 7, 2019

What really caused all the Cowboys issues on offense in the red zone?

The Cowboys finished the season 29th in red zone conversions, 48% on the year is pitiful. Only two playoff teams were in the bottom ten in red zone touchdowns, both from the great state of Texas. The Cowboys offense took quite the fall from where they had been, ranking sixth in 2017, and third in 2016. The struggles this offense experienced inside the opponent’s 20-yard line are due to a few variables.

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