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Cowboys hot topic: Looking at the offensive identity

Which is really option one for Kellen Moore? | Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

We all know Dallas is a run-first team. We may all be wrong.

It is a given. The Dallas Cowboys are a run-first team. Despite the extensive analytics argument that passing is almost always a more productive call on offense, the Cowboys are built around the former fourth-overall draft pick Ezekiel Elliott. So he is basically the first option when the team is not forced into an obvious passing situation, like third and long.

But, if that is true, how do you explain the first four offensive plays the Cowboys ran against the New York Giants on Monday night? (Play descriptions taken from the NFL GSIS database.)

(Ball at Dallas 12 yard line.) Pass intended for Michael Gallup, intercepted by Antoine Bethea.
(Ball at Dallas 25) Pass short left to Michael Gallup for 18 yards.
(Ball at Dallas 43) Pass short left to Jason Witten for 8 yards.
(Ball at Giants 49) Pass short left to Jason Witten for 12 yards.

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