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Tracy Wolfson: ‘Offensive Line Not Playing To Potential Is Hurting Cowboys’

New York, NY (CBS DFW)- Which version of the Dallas Cowboys will show up this Sunday?

That is the question that fans are beginning to ask themselves after the ‘Boys opened the season with three straight wins, in which they looked like world beaters, before following it up with back-to-back frustrating losses. Those first three wins came against the Giants, Redskins and Dolphins, teams that have combined for a 2-12 record. The two losses? Against the Saints and Packers who are a combined 8-2 on the year. So, where does that leave the Cowboys in the NFC? Are they potential Super Bowl contenders or a tier below the top teams in the NFC?

“First off, they faced three teams that are 2-12 and those are their wins. Then they play the Saints and the Packers, and they lose to them. I think you’re seeing where the Cowboys are right now, kind of in the middle of those teams,” said NFL On CBS lead sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson. “Obviously, this week they are facing a team that is 0-4, so I don’t know how much we’re going to be able to tell from this game.”

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