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'Destined to be together:' How Cowboys legend Daryl Johnston knew about Emmitt Smith before he was drafted

Longtime Cowboys broadcaster Brad Sham recently sat down with Cowboys legend and FOX Sports broadcaster Daryl Johnston on his show Then and Now to talk about his time with the Cowboys. Here are some of the highlights, edited for clarity.

At what point did you understand that Emmitt Smith was going to be like your little brother?

Daryl Johnston: "Here's the weird thing about our relationship... Here's a guy up in Syracuse, New York, playing football who sees the front cover of the USA Today sports page and sees this young man down in Escambia, Florida, putting up some crazy numbers in high school and I started following his career while I was a Syracuse. I followed him at the University of Florida. So, when he gets drafted, I know quite a bit about him. I was a fan. And had followed him. My wife has always told me you're divinely led... I just think this is another example. That Emmitt and I were destined to be together for some reason. And God chose to put us together in the backfield of the Dallas Cowboys. Some people might say that's crazy, but there's no reason for him to have grabbed my attention in central New York and for me to be aware of him.


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