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Is it possible the Cowboys second-round gambles could still pay off?

Things aren’t how they used to be.

Remember not so long ago when it was funny to make jokes about the Cowboys second-round draft selection? Okay, maybe it wasn’t funny, but there were definitely jokes. The front office liked to roll the dice in round two and try to cheat the system by landing a good player that other teams had passed up on for one reason or another. If there was a college prospect who was sliding down the board due to injury or a character red-flag player, there would be a running joke about how they’d be on the Cowboys radar.

Well, the joke may be on us now as the team is actually getting some use out of their second-round investments. And it’s not just limited to the most recent draft decisions, but also to the emergence of past “bust” picks. Let’s take a look at the Cowboys last five second-round picks and see how we feel about them now.

2018 - Connor Williams

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