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Cowboys consigning veteran backup quarterbacks to the dustbin of history

It’s another of the changes happening in Dallas.

Long ago, like in 2016, the Dallas Cowboys had a constant on the roster, a particular spot that they seemingly were committed to never doing without. That was the veteran backup quarterback. We saw a parade of talented, experienced leaders that could be called upon to keep the ship afloat if something happened to the starter. Names like Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel, Mark Sanchez . . .

Ahem. OK, maybe the Cowboys have not had such a good history of late with signing vets to step in if something happens to the starter. The last really functional veteran backup to man the position was Jon Kitna. Maybe that is why Dallas went with only Cooper Rush behind starter Dak Prescott last season. And why they stayed out of the market again this offseason, drafting Mike White instead.

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