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Paul Alexander wrote a book and he grades offensive linemen by how they squeeze ketchup

The new Cowboys offensive line coach is a wonder.

Excitement concerning the Dallas Cowboys offensive line was rejuvenated this offseason when the team drafted Connor Williams in the second round.

Connor would surely help the unit get back to being the best in the NFL, at least that was the thought most had. Not that this isn’t true, but Connor is the second big-time piece to land with the men up front this offseason.

Dallas exchanged offensive line coaches with the Cincinnati Bengals, Frank Pollack for Paul Alexander. It wasn’t a literal trade, just one that happened out of coincidence. Neat.

You know what else is neat, though? Paul Alexander. I’m literally talking about Paul Alexander the human being. CowboysCast’s Bobby Belt found a goldmine of nuggets on Wednesday evening.

Cowboys OL coach Paul Alexander is the most interesting man in the universe.

— Bobby Belt (@BobbyBeltTX) May 16, 2018

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