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Flipping the page: Veteran Cowboys that might struggle to make the 53

It is not always their own fault, but these players may not be on the field in September.

This is the time of the NFL year when we are all about who is going to make the Dallas Cowboys. We just premiered the 2018 Pet Cats, the front page has seen 53-man projections both singular and plural, and we will be talking and arguing about who is likely to make the roster (or who we hope will) until the final cut-down before the start of the regular season.

But there is another side to determining the roster. Someone has to go. Many of the people who will not be on the initial 53-man roster (which, after all, will change and evolve as the wear and tear of the season progresses) are players that we all kinda figure are more or less camp bodies. Still, every year, there are a few veterans that don’t make the cut for one reason or another. Call them the stray cats (H/T to Dave Halprin for that). Or maybe you are like our moderator Jed, who thinks stray dog avoids besmirching cats (he does have a certain feline fixation). Here are some names that have been with the team for a while that have a real chance at missing out.

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