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Troy Aikman: The No. 1 factor that will determine whether Dez Bryant succeeds without Cowboys

Cowboys Hall of Fame quarterback and FOX NFL broadcast Troy Aikman joined Ed Werder and Matt Mosley's DoomsDay podcast to talk Dez Bryant, Dak Prescott and more. Here are some highlights:On the Cowboys releasing Dez Bryant

Aikman: I was surprised he was released. I didn't anticipate that happening. I really thought they would reach an agreement that financially made sense for the Cowboys and obviously no one wants a pay cut but I thought they could reach a number that would satisfy Dez and that he would remain a Cowboy. The release was, I guess, a surprise to me. Maybe those in the organization it was not unexpected at all. ... At least what I was told, was he was not willing to pay cut. With that, I don't think it left the Cowboys much of a decision at all.

Does this speak to Jerry Jones having less control over team?

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