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Why the Cowboys should trade up in Round 1, and three prospects they could target

With Dez Bryant no longer on the roster, the Cowboys find themselves in a tough spot if their goal is to get his replacement with the 19th overall pick.

Alabama's Calvin Ridley, the consensus top receiver in the class and possibly the only one worthy of that pick, might not make it past 15.

Does Dallas trade up to grab him or take the next best option when it's on the clock? That plan could force the Cowboys to take a player much higher than they have him graded.

Or do they work a trade to move back in the first round? In that scenario, they might get the player they were going to take at 19 and gain an extra valuable pick in the process.

Over the next few days we're taking a look at three scenarios with the 19th pick. Should the Cowboys trade up, trade down or stay put?

Here's the argument for why they should trade up.

Trade up | Trade down [coming soon] | Stay at 19 [coming soon]

Trade up

There are three top players in this year's draft that make a lot of sense for Dallas. However, all three will likely be gone by 19.

Florida State safety Derwin James, Georgia linebacker Roquan Smith and Ridley.

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