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Parting ways with Dez came down to a realization by the Cowboys, and it has nothing to do with money

What began as a conversation about the need for a pay cut led to a much harsher conclusion.

Internal discussions about how this could work going forward all came to the same realization:

The Cowboys are better off without Dez Bryant.

You may disagree. Many of you do, based on the vitriol being spewed on social media.

Bryant wants to thank the fans for having his back and promises to do all he can to give you, and him, the final word. The No. 88 retribution tour is coming to an opposing team near you soon.

We'll discover over the next nine months if the Cowboys are right in their assessment. The production of the team's receivers during the 2018 season will serve as a referendum on the decision.

Once Bryant and Jerry Jones finally got in the same room, it was painfully clear this was no longer about the money. A source said a pay cut was never broached. Friday's conversation was too quick for the owner to address any sort of salary adjustment.

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