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Finding the superior athlete: SPARQ safeties in the 2018 NFL Draft

We check out the athletic markers of safeties in the 2018 NFL draft to see which prospects emerge as the most productive AND most athletic.

This is the fourth post in our ongoing series on superior athletes in the 2018 draft (on DEs, DTs, and LBs). And by now you should know the drill:

First, we look at the college production of a specific position group. For the safeties, we’ll be using a metric based on production points (the metric is explained in detail in the post on linebackers), which looks at the key stats for safeties and weights them with a point system that gives you a single number showing how many production points a player averaged per game.

Then we match that with a metric for athleticism, SPARQ, which is a single number designed to summarize a player’s athleticism. The number is calculated with a proprietary formula that incorporates player weight, bench press, broad jump, vertical jump, forty-yard dash, ten-yard split, short shuttle and 3-cone drill (details here).

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