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Why Jason Witten would be a good broadcaster, and what would really make him stand in the booth

Jon Machota, Cowboys beat writer for and The Dallas Morning News, answered questions about the team recently. Here are some highlights:

Do you think Jason Witten would make for a good broadcaster? He seems not funny enough to me.

Machota: He'd be good at it. He has a sense of humor. But where he'd really stand out is his knowledge of the game.

Much like Tony Romo, Witten would be able to explain why a team is running a certain play at a certain time in the game. He'd also be able to predict what teams are doing. I think he'd take the preparation very seriously as well.

It's obvious when a former player gets on TV and doesn't put in the prep work. Their takes tend to come off as outdated. That wouldn't happen with Witten.

Any word on the Dez contract situation? Do you think he takes a pay cut?

Machota: Nothing new but I would expect talks to be heating up in the near future. Jerry Jones seems confident that the two sides can work something out. Dez would prefer to stay in Dallas. It seems they have the ingredients to get something done.

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