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Michael Irvin's thoughts on Dez not wanting to take a pay cut, if Cowboys should draft a WR

Cowboys Hall of Famer Michael Irvin recently joined "The Rich Eisen Show" to talk all things football -- including Dallas' team and Dez Bryant. Here are some highlights from their show with timestamps to mark the transcribed portions of their conversation.Emmitt Smith

12:45 mark: Irvin was asked about who the most clutch guy he played with was.

Michael Irvin: Who is the most clutch guy? Shh. I would say Emmitt [Smith]. That's why I tell people -- and I love Barry Sanders -- I would take Emmitt Smith over anybody, any time at running back. Emmitt was a beast, man. A beast.

He was a funny dude, too. We'd be in the middle of a game [and] Emmitt made some incredible runs with his balance. When you think he'd be hitting the ground [he] comes up out of it. I'd say, 'Man. That was a great run.' And I'm looking I'd say, 'Dude. That's incredible! I can't believe what I just saw!' And he was like, 'You shouldn't have seen it. You shoulda been blocking someone anyway.'

[laughing] You know what I'm saying? Yeah, Emmitt would have to be that guy. He's clutch.

Orlando Scandrick

23:34 mark

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