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The method to the Cowboys' madness when it comes to free agency

It's NFL free-agency season again, generally another maddening time of year for Cowboys fans. Dallas' team builders have made a habit of unabashedly sitting on their hands instead of signing expensive new players, wary of overpaying.

While developing the roster through the budget-friendly draft and retaining their own players makes sense, the Cowboys' overall approach could use a jolt. They admittedly whiffed on the limited free-agent moves they made a year ago. Dallas must take advantage of every path to improve. The Philadelphia Eagles built a Super Bowl winner by shrewdly utilizing the whole shebang: the draft, trades and free agency, too. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admits the NFC East rival's world championship raised the bar for Dallas.

Around the league, there's even talk in Green Bay that the Packers, known to be circumspect in free agency, plan to be cautiously aggressive when the two-day negotiating period begins Monday and free agency opens at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

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