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Why Charles Haley called Dallas 'a bunch of damn losers' ... and more — Your Cowboys Catch-Up

Feb. 13

Here's everything you need to know to stay up to date with all things Dallas Cowboys.

The top five stories

1. 5 free agents Dallas Cowboys could target at DB

Is it finally time to add safety Kenny Vaccaro?

2. Charles Haley's message to the Cowboys: 'Jerry built this house for a bunch of damn losers'

Coming in hot! 🔥

3. How long will Cowboys keep facing Giants QB Eli Manning?

The Chiefs and Pat Mahomes offer a clue. 🔎

4. Jason Garrett's late father pegged Troy Aikman perfectly in this pre-NFL draft scouting throwback

Jim Garrett, who passed away Friday at the age of 87, originally joined the Cowboys in 1968 as a scout.

5. Do you drive around telling everybody that #DezCaughtIt? One Oklahoma State fan does ... Literally

This is awesome.

Bonus: Expert's 3-round mock draft has Cowboys favoring offense

However, the mock starts with Dallas taking a defensive tackle in Round 1.

Bonus: Why Daryl Johnston thinks Cowboys shouldn't be so quick to give up on Dez or Jason Garrett


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