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If Johnny Manziel can rebound in CFL, could Cowboys owner Jerry Jones resist another shot at a redemption story?

The Johnny Manziel redemption tour is in full swing this week, and I wish it didn't conjure so many cynical thoughts in my brain.

I truly want to believe Manziel has faced his personal demons and is ready to live a productive life. Unfortunately, his round of interviews with the popular "Pardon My Take" podcast and ABC's Good Morning America seem to be a well-orchestrated public relations campaign to pave the way for a football comeback.

We naturally root for comebacks in this country, which is why we convince ourselves that Tiger Woods may actually make noise in a major this year. Manziel was perhaps the most entertaining college football player to ever be produced by our state. He was the only reason I was tempted to watch a Cleveland Browns game during his brief and turbulent run with the organization.

Now, Manziel reveals he has battled bipolar disorder, which led to alcohol abuse. Most of us diagnosed him with a case of stupidity, so it's hard to fully embrace that he may have a mental illness.

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