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Cowboys news: Examining why there is even a debate about David Irving’s status

The David Irving saga and thoughts on Dak Prescott.

The Incredibly Perplexing Case Of David Irving – Bob Sturm, The AthleticBob Sturm is back, now writing for fledgling sports site The Athletic. His first off-season post looks at a question that has interested many of us: the Cowboys’ seeming lack of enthusiasm regarding on David Irving.

So, why are the Cowboys internally debating his future to a point where it is highly possible he has already played his last game in their uniform?

Great question.

It appears he has been a headache quite often during his tenure with Dallas. There has been frustration at times from making sure he was handling his body correctly to even making sure he was serious about his concussion recovery in December. In fact, you could argue that he was a headache at Iowa State, which caused him to go undrafted in the first place.

He is certainly a player that will occasionally try an organization's patience or make NFL lifers roll their eyes when he wears too much jewelry to practice – and bad things happen.

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