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How long will Cowboys keep facing Giants QB Eli Manning? Chiefs, Pat Mahomes offer a clue

It's officially the offseason, and the NFC East has yet another Super Bowl title to claim - but not the one Cowboys fans hoped for. As the Eagles parade through Philadelphia, the rest of the division is soul-searching for answers to beat Philly (and the rest of the league) come fall. We caught up with beat writers from each NFC East team to see what their team's focused on and what the Cowboys can expect in 2018. Here's the first installment from Giants beat writer Dan Duggan on Eli Manning, Odell Beckham, Jr. and more:

1) Will the Cowboys see a Giants team more resembling the 2016 product or 2017 when the teams face off in the fall?

Duggan: I think the 2018 Giants will fall somewhere between the 2016 and 2017 editions. The 2016 team wasn't as good as its 11-5 record and the 2017 team wasn't as bad as its 3-13 record.

I think the Giants will rebound in 2018 with new coach Pat Shurmur and a healthy Odell Beckham Jr., among others. But there are major upgrades needed at offensive line and linebacker that will be difficult to accomplish in one offseason with relatively limited resources. I expect the Giants to finish around .500 in 2018.

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