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'Why not?': The answers to that question are slowly diminishing for the surging Cowboys as reinforcements arrive

FRISCO — Not every team finds itself on equal footing when the NFL calendar turns to December.

Some have no shot, others are desperate and a smattering are simply trying to hang on. Teams with the best records often focus more on maintaining position or managing health.

The Cowboys don't fall into any of these categories. The team owns the longest active winning streak in the conference at four games. Reason for optimism doesn't stop there.

This team is in good health, and the few key players who are hurt are about to return. While other teams are beaten up — please see Sunday afternoon's opponent, Philadelphia — Dallas is playing its best ball of the season and should only get better.

"Not only in the NFL, I've been on a lot of good teams, and they all gel at different times," quarterback Dak Prescott said. "So if you're gelling at the right time as you're moving forward and the season is coming to an end, we're getting some players back, we're getting some people we can benefit from and help us, and we're doing it at a time that we're playing good.

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