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Meat on the bone: How Dak Prescott and the offense are leaving plays on the field

It’s not all on Dak Prescott, but he is certainly not helping the situation.

We all know the Dallas Cowboys offense has been stuck in neutral this season. There is no shortage of theories as to why. Yesterday our own Connor Livesay noted how Dak Prescott is failing with his mechanics. There has also been plenty of conversation about the play-calling and scheme of Scott Linehan. The basic theory holds that he needs to update his scheme, and the team overall including Jason Garrett need to understand the new NFL is about the passing game. Our own RJ Ochoa covers that here.

But what if the Cowboys could be succeeding as they are currently constructed? What if the plays are there, they just aren’t executing? That could be the case so let’s look at some examples of that from the Texans game. This will be disproportionately laying blame with Dak Prescott, but as the quarterback he does take on that responsibility.

Play 1: Sometimes you need to break the rules

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